Bowman Ceramics

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Our Stockist Native and Nest in Boise, Idaho had some kind words to say about our collaboration....

We have so much to say about Beth from Bowman Ceramics that quite honestly it has been difficult to put the words down. She was the first maker that was secured when embarking on this journey and her excitement was not only infectious but inspiring. Her work….equally inspiring. I mean have you seen her mugs?! Those beautiful mugs are what initially drew us to her as an artist.

So what else inspires her...she says, “Nature and Repetition. When I am trying to create something it is nature that inspires me. But more specifically it is the repetition in nature. So when a million fall leaves on the ground or the repetition of hundreds of blooms that are all slightly different but yet still the same. I love how clean the repetition can be and how hundreds of singular things can become one thing".

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